• London Camera Exchange

    London Camera Exchange can trace its origins back to the 1950's when the founders acquired premises in Guildford's Tunsgate from which they operated a photography studio. The owners of Tunsgate Studios soon noticed that their customers were very interested in the equipment used in the studio and even went so far as to sell some of their old equipment. When customers started to offer other cameras in part exchange for newer or more expensive models the business, as it exists today was born.
    In addition to the basic photographic requirements such as cameras, lenses, memory cards and film many of the 28 branches offer a quality processing service as well as a range of albums and frames for displaying or storing the finished work. Two of the branches; Chester and Chesterfield are equipped with state of the art on site processing minilabs, each capable of producing the finest quality output from various types of original. Traditional film users as well as those who have switched to the latest digital technology can all take advantage of excellent prints with the minimum wait.

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