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    468 Car Parking Spaces to Disappear!

    Warwick District Council has submitted a planning application for the development of Covent Garden Car Park. The plan includes the relocation of 365 council staff from Riverside House, the construction of 44 apartments and car parking for 611 spaces. Whilst the Chamber welcomes quality developments that enhance our town centre, we have serious concerns regarding this application and, at an Emergency Executives’ Meeting on Tuesday 31st November, we voted unanimously to lodge a formal objection. 

    No Clear Displacement Plan

    There is one overriding cause of concern, which is the lack of a properly developed parking displacement plan. It has become clear following extensive discussions with the District Council and other representative bodies, that what has been put forward to mitigate the loss of parking spaces during the 2-year development, is at best a collection of ideas and possibilities, rather than a plan with appropriate financial backing.

    Around 30% Loss in Parking Spaces

    As members of the Chamber of Trade, you are uniquely placed to understand the impact that losing approximately 30% of our off-street parking capacity will have on the town during the demolition and building period of 2 years. In comparison to other similarly sized towns, our parking provision is already at saturation point during peak times. The economic viability of the town is constantly under threat from a variety of factors and if shoppers, visitors and staff members find it impossible to drive into town and park, they will soon choose alternative destinations; especially shoppers using out of town shopping areas with dedicated parking.

    What do YOU Think?

    The deadline for comments and objections is 21st December, with the application being heard by the planning committee in January. We need to have our official response complied by early December and therefore, we would be most grateful if you could send us your written comments concerning the proposed development, especially noting the impact it would have on your business, by no later than Tuesday 28th November. Please send your feedback to secretary@leamingtonchamber.org.uk or julie.mcgarrigle@alsterskelley.com

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